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Happy 2019! At the Posse, we’re intently focused on looking forward. We want to learn from the challenges in 2018 and use that knowledge to climb over the coming hurdles.

There’s a lot of change in the industry - 2019 will be a pivotal year of digital transformation. The landscape will change. The industry will evolve, and new winners will emerge.

We’re all about working with you to make this year one of opportunity. So, here are 5 resolutions that will make a big difference in 2019.


Here are some additional reading resources for you to learn from and share with your colleagues.

Rethink and Look Forward

1) Three Trends That Will Lead Us into the Fifth Era of Mobile Content Discovery

2) The Next Era in Mobile Content Discovery

The Device - Your Ace In The Hole

1) A New Front Door for Mobile Content Discovery

2) Owning the Smartphone: OEMs and Carriers are missing the disruption opportunity

Innovate and Please Your Subscribers

1) 5 Things You Wouldn’t Believe People are Saying About Next-Gen Content Discovery

2) A Planogrammer’s Take on the Mobile Phone

Win a Media Opportunity

1) The Power of the “Lean Back” Opportunity

2) Can Carriers Win Big Media on Mobile?

Get in the Game Fast

1) A Carrier's Practical Guide to Winning Mobile Content Discovery

2) Firstly Mobile Increases Time on Site and Raises Click-Through Rate by 86 Percent

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